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We Trained by the Best to Serve You the Best.​

Trained at Steinway & Sons Factory, New York.

Our Passion and Dedication is to the Instrument 

The piano is a unique instrument that requires care and patience to maintain.  Trust us to repair, refurbish, and tune your piano!

Trained and certified in the United States of America, with several years of experience in piano technology and accessibility to a wide range of genuine replacement parts, Sir Black Piano Services is ideally placed to meet your piano maintenance needs.

Our services include:

Tuning, Repairs, Regulating, Refurbishing, Sale of new & used pianos,  Piano rental, installation of Damp-chaser dehumidifiers, transport of pianos, etc.

Check Out Our Restorations 

A piano lost to the elements is not lost to you.  Let us restore your family inheritance, your prized possession and "reunite" you with your piano.

During Restoration

         During Restoration

   After Restoration

Piano Tuning

Pianos require regular tuning to function at optimal performance.


Piano Sales

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Piano Lessons

We can refer you to several piano teachers.  Find one close to you.

What our customers are saying

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