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Music Lessons

Explore Our Wide Range of Experience and Dedicated Tutors across the Island and somewhere Near you.

Mr O. Forbs

Name: Mr O. Forbs

Address: # 6 Forde Street Arouca

Phone: (692-5582 / 763-6409)

Piano, Steelpan, Drums, Violin, Guitar, Music Theory, Etc.

Ms. Judith Verteuil

Name: Ms. Judith de Verteuil

Address: The Paideuo Learning Center, POS

Representative For Trinity and Royal School of music


Phone: (333-3173)

Ms Psyche Greenidge

Name: Ms Psyche Greenidge

Phone: 760-8755 / 367-3234


Piano, Steel pan, music Theory

School : Jana's MUSIC School

Name: June Alvarez

Address: Lot # 44 Louise-Horn Place,

Phase 4-2 Malabar, Arima .

Phone: 1-868-643-3162 / 318 - 7399


Learn To Read , Write and Play a Musical Instrument or Sing.

Piano/ Keyboard, Guitar, Voice, Pan, Drums,Wind Instruments

Music Theory, Grade Music Exams. (all ages)

School: Lalman's School Of Music

Name: Lisha Lalman

Address: Ibis Street ,Fanny Village, 



Phone: 1-868-298-7848 /345-2037

Piano,Guitar, violin , Music Theory , etc.

Sir Black Piano Services

To schedule an assessment or

 get further information, please call 

Julien Blackman at 

1-868-744-3499 or -1-868-332-2610 

or send an email to

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